Greek Defence Min, in the US, highlights the multidimensional role of the Hellenic Armed Forces

The multidimensional role of the Hellenic Armed Forces, which highlights Greece as a centre of geopolitical cooperation and a pillar of stability, was analysed by Defence Minister Evangelos Apostolakis during his speech at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington.

Apostolakis, who was the main speaker at the 8th annual EU Defence Policy Forum 2019, expressed concern at Turkey’s “destabilising role”, saying the Greek side has asked Ankara to “refrain from further unilateral actions that violate International Law.”

Concerns about Turkey’s “destabilising role”
Describing a worrying momentum that has begun to develop around Ankara’s announcements of illegal drilling in the wider region, Apostolakis clarified that Greece has asked Turkey to respect the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus and abstain from further unilateral actions that violate international law and undermine stability in the region.

Cooperation with the US is a “defence priority” for Greece, explained Apostolakis, who referred to the new prospects opening up to deepen cooperation after the Strategic Dialogue was completed.

“In this context, we welcome the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019,” with the support of Senators Menendez and Rubio, and underlined the importance of Defence Secretary Pompeo’s participation in the recent trilateral summit of Greece, Israel and Cyprus.