Matthew Palmer: The importance of Cyprus for the US

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Matthew Palmer, in an interview with the Turkish Cypriot news agency, said meaningfully that finding the hydrocarbons in the region increases the importance of the Eastern Mediterranean to the US.

And then he pointed out that “there are 10 US warships, 130 Navy and Air Force and about 9,000 US Marines”. The US, he said, does not want a base in Cyprus, like France.

“We see the region as an area of ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing importance for energy. We believe that the region’s energy resources can offer a variety of energy imports, energy security in Europe. In addition, as a US, we are also interested in other issues in the region, such as the fight against terrorism, drugs, trafficking in human beings and immigration. ” Matthew Palmer said the solution to the Cyprus issue is still a priority for the US and its country supports the bizonal bicommunal federation, but the decision to discuss a new model belongs to the two leaders.

Close cooperation between Greece, Israel and Cyprus
According to Turkish Cypriot newspapers, Palmer also said in the eastern Mediterranean there are several issues of concern to the US for their national security, noting the close cooperation between Greece, Israel and Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriots he said were also friends and partners, and Turkey had an important ally in the region.
He also said that the US recognizes the right of the Republic of Cyprus to exploit its natural resources. “Together with this,” he said, “we are advocating that in the context of a solution there should be a fair sharing of hydrocarbons. In this context, we support the solution efforts. We have to stress that we are talking about a process that will take years. We are years away from making money from hydrocarbons. That is why there is time for us to negotiate. We have the hope that hydrocarbons will urge sides for a solution “.

What Palmer said about Cyprus
Matthew Palmer said the Republic of Cyprus is a strategic partner for the US and wants to deepen and strengthen this relationship. He noted, however, that “Turkish Cypriots and Turkey for the US are friends and partners”, saying that they “have regular contacts with Turkish Cypriot leaders, while Turkey has for many decades been a major US ally in the region.” “We attach value to our relations with Turkey. It is important and beneficial. So is Turkey. We are working closely on the fight against the PKK, particularly in Iraq. We are working together to achieve stability in Syria and a better future for the Syrian people. “