Greek FM Katrougalos: Turkey’s provocative acts only increase its isolation

Greece “must always be vigilant with our difficullt neighbor, but without fear,” Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Giorgos Katrougalos said on Monday referring to Turkey, adding however that in his opinion, Turkey “is not presently seeking a conflict in the Aegean Sea.”

Speaking to Real FM, Katrougalos also clarified that Greece is pursuing “all necessary diplomatic actions, so that the message is clear to the other side, to not even think of” a heated conflict in the Aegean area.
In another Monday interview on state broadcaster ERT1, Katrougalos noted that “everything Turkey does in the eastern Aegean and Cyprus is being denounced by both the European Union and the United States as an illegal and provocative act,” which Katrougalos said only increases Turkey’s isolation.

Greece’s tripartite partnerships with Cyprus and Israel, with the support of the United States, “show that Greece is recognized as a factor of regional stability, an exporter of stability in the wider region,” Katrougalos said, adding that Greece has also secured understanding and support from the rest of EU nations, ahead of leaders’ summits as well as foreign minister’s meetings.