Hellenic Air Force accepts TECNAM P-2002JF trainer aircraft

A ceremony for the acceptance of the 12 new TECNAM P-2002JF trainer aircraft by the Hellenic Air Force took place at the Dekelia Air Base in Tatoi. One day before, on 11 June, the last 3 aircraft of the relevant contract landed.

The acceptance of the new training aircraft is part of the implementation of the flight education upgrade program that is taking place at the Air Force Academy for the initial selection and introduction of the cadets to flights, as well as for the broader planning of the Armed Forces for the whole air training. These training aircraft have replaced the older T-41D trainers, which have been used since 1969.

In the framework of the ceremony, a flight of 3 newly acquired P-2002JF training aircraft took place, which was attended by the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the Arked Forces General Staff, and the Chief of the Air Force.