UN: Terrorist attack on Abha Airport poses threat to regional security

The United Nations has expressed its concern over the terrorist attack carried out by the Iran-backed Houthi militia on Abha International Airport.

In a press conference, UN spokesman Farhan Haq described the attack as a serious threat to regional security and undermining the political process in Yemen led by the United Nations.

The United Nations is deeply concerned about the attack, deputy Haq told reporters in New York.

“We urge all parties to prevent any such further incidents, which risk escalating the current situation, pose a serious threat to national and regional security and undermine the UN-led political process,” Haq said.

A missile terror attack by Yemen’s Iran-backed Al Houthi targeted a civilian airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, injuring at least 26 and triggering a sharp warning from the Saudi-led military coalition that it would respond firmly.

Evidence points to Iranian Revolutionary Guards supplying Al Houthis with the weapons to target the kingdom, Al Arabiya TV quoted the coalition as saying.

A coalition statement said three women and two children were among the wounded, who were of Saudi, Yemeni and Indian nationalities. It added the attack could amount to a war crime. “This attack also proves this terrorist militia’s acquisition of new special weapons; the continuation of the Iranian regime’s support and practice of cross-border terrorism…” the coalition’s English-language statement said. The attack follows an armed drone strike last month on two oil-pumping stations in the kingdom that were claimed by the militia.

The UAE has condemned the Al Houthi terror attack, saying it was new proof of the militia’s hostile and terrorist approaches that seek to undermine regional security and stability.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation renewed its solidarity with Saudi Arabia and its support for all measures taken to thwart any threat to the security and stability of the kingdom.

Egypt said it was standing by Saudi Arabia following the attack, saying it would “defy any attempt to target” the kingdom. Bahrain branded the missile strike a terrorist and cowardly criminal act against innocent civilians.

Al Houthis have previously targeted Saudi cities with drones and missiles, most of which have been intercepted. In March 2018 an Egyptian was killed in Riyadh by missile shrapnel.