US posts video maintaining Iran’s RGC used limpet mines on tankers

The Pentagon has released a video that it says depicts members of the Revolutionary Guards, a select body of Iran’s armed forces, as they approach one of the two tankers that were attacked yesterday in the Gulf of Oman and then remove a magnetic mine which had not exploded from the side of the tanker’s hull, as well as a photograph depicting the mine on the ship before it was removed.

“At 4:10 pm local time, a patrol ship of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps approached M / T Kokuka Courageous, and was observed and videotaped as it removed a magnetic mine that had not exploded,” according to USN Capt. Bill Urban.



The existence of this video was reported a few hours earlier by an American official who spoke on condition of anonymity to Reuters news agency.In addition to the video, the US Armed Forces have also released two photographs that, as they say, depict the explosion damage and an object suspected of being a magnetic mine in the Kokuka Courageous tanker.