Tsipras: Every Greek PM has the prospect of a “military encounter” with Turkey on their mind

The possibility of a ‘hot incident’ between Greece and Turkey is a prospect every Greek Prime Minister has on his mind been, PM Alexis Tsipras said in a morning interview on Open channel on Wednesday morning.

“Every prime minister sleeps and wakes up with this possibility”, Mr. Tsipras said.

Commenting on what the Defence and Foreign Affairs Council had decided on Tuesday, the Greek PM underlined that it was the result of a joint partnership with Cyprus in the wider region.

“Turkey feels and is isolated. It has no alliances. It can see that Cyprus is a member state of the EU. It cannot claim that the Cyprus issue and the energy issue are bilateral matters”, he added.

As to how Greece could prepare for the possibility of a “hot incident” with Turkey, Mr Tsipras said that “what the country needs to do is make people feel safe and build alliances and leverage to prevent the neighbour from any such intentions by thinking about the consequences that will have”.

The Greek PM said he estimated Turkey would not seek to drill in Kasterllorizo.