Surrealism: Islamic Jihad prevents Salafists from firing rockets at Israel

Violent clashes erupted on Wednesday night in the Gaza Strip between the Islamic Jihad and members of the Salafist Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam).

The exchange of fire between the two terror groups began after members of the Jaysh al-Islam shot at Islamic Jihad members. Members of Hamas’ security service intervened and dispersed the feuding parties.

Hamas rules the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli media the source of tension between the two factions stems from a violent attempt by the Jaysh al-Islam to take control of rocket caches owned by the Islamic Jihad.

This is where it gets surreal…

The Jaysh al-Islam has intended to launch the rockets at Israel, and the Islamic Jihad blocked them.

It is of significance to note that the Islamic Jihad was not looking out for Israel’s interests, but was rather upset that Jaysh al-Islam has attempted to steal its assets.

Jaysh al-Islam does not have its own stockpile of rockets and has recently expanded its activities to violently seize such weaponry from other terror groups in the Strip.