Greek defence minister: We won’t allow fait accompli on Kastellorizo; If the Turks attack we stand alone

Alpha news and Antonis Schroeder spoke to Defense Minister Evangelos Apostolakis on Thursday night. The defense minister expressed the conviction that “in case of a conflict with Turkey we are alone”.

“Erdogan is not stopping provocationss and it seems that the measures and actions taken so far do not inhibit his moves,” said Minister of National Defense, Evangelos Apostolakis. “We will not allow the Turks to go to Kastellorizo”, he noted in a severe tone, for then “there will be no options”.

“Turkey’s intentions are also focusing on the Greek EEZ. The estimate is that there are so many problems they have to solve, which they do not seem to have the intention of doing,” said Evangelos Apostolakis. But in the event of a “hot” incident in Kastelorizo ​​he explained that he can not reveal the movements of Greece. “We can not say what we will do, but we will not let it happen, because then there will be no choices,” he said, but repeated: “If we need to do something, let’s count only on ourselves.”

Evangelos Apostolakis: Exhaust the diplomatic route
Asked by Antonis Schroeder why Greece did not intervene when the Turkish drilling rig approached the Cyprus EEZ, the Minister stressed that all the weapons of the diplomatic channel must first be used up and then the military option would be used. His appreciation, however, is that things will not reach that point.

In addition, the Minister of National Defense said that “the balance of power has been disrupted. The years of the crisis have created problems, we have frozen all new programs, but there has been some good housekeeping. We gathered our pieces and with good management of our money and budgets we managed to keep the Armed Forces at a good level and a good operational capacity. “