Turkish media: Istanbul’s new mayor is FETO member

Turkish media, controlled mostly by Erdogan’s AK Party have “gone ape” over the loss of Istanbul to the opposition candidate Imamoglou.

Erdogan himself had attacked Imamoglou, accusing him of being a crypto-Greek, an enemy of the people, a secularist, and heaping upon his person a mound of insult and mud.

A typical article in Yenisafak, well-known columnist İbrahim Karagül went as far as to accuse Imamoglou a Gulenist, and an agent of what the Turkish government likes calling the “Fetullah Terrorist Organization”, or FETO.

In a lengthy tirade, Karagül accuses Imamoglou of being “under international protection” receiving “support from the U.S., EU countries, their extensions in Turkey”. He goes so far as to say that he is a “national security issue”.

In fact his mud-slinging article is best summed up by its header:

“His personality profile, behavioral pattern, voice tone, discourse, hypocrisy, shamelessness, dishonesty, arrogance… İmamoğlu is a project, a ‘national security’ issue. He is FETÖ’s candidate and is being protected. This is not an election matter. It is an attempt to take over Istanbul for a ‘second time’.

read the rest of the sordid propaganda here.