BAE Systems gets $14.1 mln for upgraded MK45 Mod 4 gun mount

BAE Systems won a $14.1 million firm-fixed-price contract modification for an upgraded MK45 Mod 4 gun mount. The 5-inch MK 45 lightweight gun mount system is fired aboard guided missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke and CG-47 Class ships.

The MK 45 gun was developed as a lighter weight, more easily maintained replacement for the MK 42 5″/54 caliber gun mount. It is designed to engage surface and air targets and to provide naval surface fire support for expeditionary operations.

The modification also includes for the MK45 associated components. The contract will provide all necessary material and services required to overhaul and upgrade MK 45 gun mounts to support AEGIS Modernization and Arleigh Burke new construction requirements. BAE Systems will perform work in Louisville, Kentucky, and is expected to be finished by October 2023.