Ukraine forces destroy Russian-made artillery radar in separatist area

Ukrainian Soldiers spotted and destroyed a Russian missile and artillery ground reconnaissance complex, called the Zoopark-1, in eastern Ukraine’s separatist territories.

The Ukrainian National Guard’s Azov regiment has announced that on 23 June it spotted modern Zoopark-1 radar complex near town Gorlivka seized by Russian-backed separatists in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

It was detected that the antenna of the complex is in a combat position, after which the “Azov” regiment’s firepower inflicted fire damage to the Russian radar complex.

Footage has been released showing Zoopark-1 modern radar complex was seriously damaged after the artillery strike.

Zoopark-1, or 1L219, is a counter-battery radar system developed jointly by Almaz-Antey for the Russian Armed Forces. It is a mobile Passive electronically scanned array radar based on a tracked MT-LBu chassis for the purpose of enemy field artillery acquisition. The system can detect moving ground targets at a distance of up to 40 kilometers.