Russia to buy 76 Su-57 fighters

The Russian defense ministry confirmed the purchase of 76 Su-57 multirole fighter jets under a contract with Sukhoi Company at the Army 2019 Forum.

The jets will be supplied by 2028. Already in May, President Putin said that Russia planned to purchase 76 SU-57s instead of 16 by 2028 without increasing the price. The Sukhoi Su-57 is the country’s first indigenously designed and built fifth-generation stealth fighter jet.

Russia wants a “5th generation” fighter that keeps it competitive with American air5craft and builds on previous aerial and industrial success.

The Sukhoi Su-57 (Russian: Сухой Су-57) is a stealth, single-seat, twin-engine multirole fifth-generation jet fighter being developed since 2002 for air superiority and attack operations. The aircraft is the product of the PAK FA (Russian: ПАК ФА, short for: Перспективный авиационный комплекс фронтовой авиации, romanized: Perspektivny Aviatsionny Kompleks Frontovoy Aviatsii, lit. ”prospective aeronautical complex of front-line air forces”), a fifth-generation fighter program of the Russian Air Force. Sukhoi’s internal name for the aircraft is T-50. The Su-57 is planned to be the first aircraft in Russian military service to use stealth technology. Its maiden flight took place on 29 January 2010 and the first production aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2019 with a second to follow in 2020.

The fighter is designed to have supercruise, super maneuverability, stealth, and advanced avionics to overcome the prior generation fighter aircraft as well as ground and naval defences. The Su-57 is intended to succeed the MiG-29 and Su-27 in the Russian Air Force.

The prototypes and initial production batch are to be delivered with a highly upgraded Saturn AL-41F1 engine as an interim powerplant while an advanced clean-sheet design engine, the Saturn izdeliye 30, currently in final stages of development, is to be available after 2020. The aircraft is expected to have a service life of up to 35 years.