HRE: At least 14 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries killed

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement detailing a series of actions carried out by their fighters against the Turkish troops and allied jihadist mercenaries in and around the occupied Afrin city.

According to the statement, the actions left at least 14 members of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries dead, and many more wounded in Afrin and its Sherawa district.


HRE fighters ambushed a military convoy of the Turkish army near the village of Basute in Afrin’s Sherawa district on June 26. During the ensuing heavy fighting, one Turkish soldier was killed and 7 others were wounded.


On June 27, HRE fighters targeted the Turkish-backed mercenaries stationed on a hill in the Kebashin village of Sherawa. Strikes from two directions left 4 mercenaries dead and one other wounded.

Following the action, HRE fighters carried out a simultaneous operation against the Turkish forces and mercenaries in the village. Actions by HRE fighters left 5 terrorists dead and 2 others wounded.

In another action, HRE fighters targeted a military base of the mercenary groups in Kebashin village, killing 3 terrorists and many more wounded.

One HRE fighter got slightly injured during the actions in Kebashin village.


On June 27, a sabotage action by HRE fighters targeted a position of the so-called military police under the terrorist groups in Tirinde neighborhood in central Afrin. One terrorist was killed and another wounded here.