Honeywell to produce J7 Digital Electronic Control Unit for Abrams Vehicles

Honeywell International won a $16.5 million firm-fixed FMS external link to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to produce J7 Digital Electronic Control Unit for the Abrams family of vehicles.

The M1 Abrams is designed for modern armored ground warfare. It has a 1500 hp AGT1500 multifuel turbine engine, sophisticated Chobham composite armor, a computer fire control system and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment along with NBC protection for crew safety. It weighs nearly 68 short tons, which makes it one of the heaviest Main Battle Tanks in service.

After the start of the Saudi Arabian intervention in Yemen during 2015 Yemeni Civil War, Saudi Arabian M1 Main Battle Tanks, were deployed near the Saudi Arabia/Yemen border. In August 2016, the US approved a sale of up to 153 more Abrams tanks to Saudi Arabia, including 20 “battle damage replacements”, suggesting that some Saudi Arabian Abrams had been destroyed or severely damaged in combat in Yemen.

The Kuwaiti Army has 218 M1A2s. Work under the current Foreign Military Sale will take place in Tucson, Arizona, and has a scheduled completion date of June 28, 2024.