New Kurdish resistance group founded to fight Turks and their allies

The Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan Self Defense Forces announced their founding in the mountains of Bashure Kurdistan. Many political parties, organizations and their publications have been having discussions on the self defense forces.

The Bashure Kurdistan Self Defense Forces issued another statement upon the discussions and said, “We as the youth from Behdinan and Bradost organized ourselves to protect the region against the invasion attacks against Bradost.”


The statement included the following:

“We as the youth of Bradost call on all people in Bradost, including clans, intellectuals and writers, to resist against this invasion and stand shoulder to shoulder with us. We ask them to support us, proportionate to their strength. We expect this from the clans in particular, who have lived in Bradost for years and have always suffered treason. Everybody knows that our people in Bradost have always stood against invasions and attacks, never bowing down.

As a group of young people from Behdinan and Bradost, we organized ourselves to stand against the attacks against our region and to defeat the occupation. Our purpose is to protect our people and their gains.


Some circles in Behdinan and Bradost, and unfortunately certain individuals from some clans, have been collaborating with the invading Turkish state against Kurds. They provide intelligence for the Turkish state. They have collaborated with the enemy, against our people, with everything they have.

We know very well who these people are, and what they want to do. They should know that unless they abandon their animosity against clans and our people, and join the struggle against the invasion alongside our people, we will also be targeting them.


Some discussions against the invasion among parties, organizations and their publications are wrongful and negative. All parties, organizations and their publications try to assess our emergence based on their own standing. What they are doing is mostly not based in reality. Our purpose isn’t to create a security problem in Bashure Kurdistan. We are not founded against any one Kurdish force. What we aim to do is the exact opposite. With our life, blood and resistance, we aim to avoid security problems and protect our lands against invaders. We want all to know that we have no other goal.


We are calling on the peshmerga, our brothers and fathers who have fought for Kurdistan for 40 years, to resist the invasion together with us.
No party, organization or force should assess us looking through their own programs, ideologies or plans. We stand at equal distance to all forces. We are not close to one and far from the other. We are the true children of this people. We want to defend our lands against invasion, with our blood and our lives.

We will fight our fight with our will, our resistance and the support of our people to push the invaders out of our lands.”