KSA SUPERALLOYS ENG: A unique Greek firm with notable exports

Extraversion, specialization and high technology make up the triptych on which KSA SUPERALLOYS ENG is based, which boasts of a long list of customers from the Balkans and Europe to America and the Philippines. The innovative company from Thessaloniki, which produces highly resistant to conditions of severe wear, is the “child” of the Kehagias brothers, who opted for the demanding high-tech sector in 2003.

In 1995, Vasilis Kehagias entered the family business, a workshop specializing in ship repairs. Eight years later he and his brother, Loizos, decided they were ready for the next step, building on their studies and experience.

Today, KSA SUPERALLOYS ENG is proud to have been working with multinationals such as CEMEX, Lafarge, Loesche, Nesher Cement, Wive, Engie, and Greek companies PPC, ELPE, TITAN.

“The philosophy of the company is to offer innovation through the development of integrated products or machinery and customer after-sales technical support, which helps to increase efficiency and reduce production and maintenance costs,” explains mechanical engineer and physicist, KSA CEO, Vassilis Kehagias, stressing that about 40% of the total production of the company is directed abroad.

Next market in the Middle East
The Netherlands is the number one country for company exports outside Greece, followed by Israel and Germany. The company’s products that are directed to major industries, including mining – minerals, drilling-excavators, cement, metallurgy, chemical-oil, power generation, construction-machining, are exported to the Philippines, and North America through strategic cooperation with American multinational CEMEX, but also in the Balkans.

The goal, as Mr Kehagias emphasizes, is to increase our work in the countries where we have a presence, while the next market is the Middle East. To open up a market for the technology company, we need to find the right local partners. The expansion of the company is through a joint venture.

“What entrepreneurs must realize is that the market is not just Greece. The euro gives us unlimited opportunities for exports. At the same time, however, we need to see what the market demands are and which sectors are in demand,” noted Kehagias, emphasizing that the combination of extroversion and specialization is the key to competitive businesses.

It is noteworthy that at this time the company is investing in its facilities in Sindos, which occupy 1.100m2, completing the smelter works there, while in Kalochori the company is completing the KSA machine shop.