Russia features Ladoga jam-proof communications system at Army-2019 forum

Russia’s Ruselectronics Group (part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) has demonstrated a unique Ladoga short-wave radio communications system at the Army-2019 international military and technical forum. The system is capable of operating under intensive jamming, the Group’s press office reported on Friday.

“It [the system] provides for stable and continuous communications at a speed of up to 19,200 bits per second in a complex jamming environment amid a high level of natural and industrial sources of noise and also in the conditions of radio-electronic suppression through its adaptation across the entire short-wave band without any preliminary sensing,” the press office explained.

The Ladoga provides for continuous data transmission to distances of up to 3,000 km while automatically switching to the optimal group of operational frequencies without an operator’s participation.

The Ladoga system has been developed by Impuls Research and Production Association (part of Ruselectronics Group). The Ladoga can be mounted on stationary, mobile, naval or airborne hardware.

The Army-2019 military and technical forum runs at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center outside Moscow on June 25-30. According to preliminary estimates, more than 1,500 enterprises and organizations are taking part in the forum to feature over 27,000 products and technologies.