Russia to Purchase two Yasen Class Subs

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has reportedly inked a contract with shipbuilding company Sevmash for two Project 885-M Yasen M-class multipurpose nuclear-powered attack/cruise missile submarines (SSN/SSGN).

The MoD signed a contract at the “Army-2019” military and technical forum, which took place last week near Moscow.

“Today we have signed a number of large-scale deals. These deals also cover two new Yasen Class submarines. These are substantial volumes and a very significant contract”, Deputy Russian Defense Minister, Alexei Krivoruchko said.

The new boat, the second overall Yasen Class SSN launched by Sevmash and the first upgraded Yasen M Class submarine, conducted its first set of factory and underwater sea trials in September 2018.

Notably, the sub is not expected to enter service until the end of 2020 or possibly even later due to technical problems that emerged during dockside trials. The improved Yasen M Class SSN is reportedly quieter than the lead Yasen Class boat. It is built with low magnetic steel to reduce its magnetic signature.