Turkey, Russia, Iran summit to be held in August

The Turkish presidential spokesman on Thursday said Ankara will host a trilateral summit with the participation of Russia and Iran in August.

“The meeting will mainly be on Idlib and other parts of Syria, on the general security situation, transition processes, constitutional commission and re-settlement,” Ibrahim Kalin said.

After a Cabinet meeting in capital Ankara, Kalin also said there would be another meeting with Russian, German and French leaders in two months.

“During the G20 summit it was agreed upon that a four-party summit just like the one from last year will be held in Istanbul hosted by our president.

“A quadruple summit is planned before going to the UN General Assembly,” he said.

Kalin underlined that Syria and regional issues will be discussed in these meetings.

About the Russian S-400 defense systems, Kalin said they would be delivered to Turkey very soon.

“This is not a defense system that would pose a threat or danger to our current security system, especially within the NATO system,” Kalin said.

“First of all, it is a defense system, not an attack system against another country, therefore it is not a threat to another country,” he added.

Kalin said the National Defense Ministry and the Air Force Command will be deciding upon where the air missiles will be deployed.