Libya: Mitiga airport struck again by Haftar forces

Mitiga airport, Tripoli’s only functioning airport, was the subject of another airstrike last night.

The airport was temporarily closed and one en route flight was diverted to Misrata airport.

The airstrike has been attributed by the Tripoli authorities to the Khalifa Hafter forces.

An Airbus A320 belonging to Afriqiyah airways was hit by shrapnel and three technician were slightly injured, Tripoli-aligned media reported.

The airstrike was aimed at the far side of the sprawling airport complex near the maintenance hanger next to the coastal road. It is believed that this is the first time that this area was targeted.

The airstrike took place at about 7.45pm local time and the airport was reopened by 10pm.

It will be recalled that the Khalifa Hafter aligned forces accuse the forces aligned with the internationally-recognized Faiez Serraj Government of National Accord of using Mitiga airport to launch military piloted/ unpiloted aircraft as part of their military campaign.

It will also be recalled that Khalifa Hafter, his Libyan National Army (LNA) and their aligned forces launched a military attack on Tripoli on 4 April purportedly to liberate the caputal from “terrorists and militias”.