Foreign vessels withdraw from support of Turkish drilling off Cyprus

The non-participation in the illegal drilling in the Cypriot EEZ of two of the three auxiliary ships, was announced the Dutch shipowner, noting that “they will not support the operations of Yavuz in Cypriot waters”.

“We know the political sensitivities between Turkey and Cyprus in relation to the Yavouz drilling site and that is why our ships will not support their operations in Cypriot waters”, was the answer to the relevant questions of the Cypriot newspaper Phileleftheros, from the Dutch parent company «Vroon Offshore Services», the owner of offshore oil service vessels VOS PRIME, VOS PRINCE.

These are two of the three support vessels mentioned in the illegal Turkish Navtex for the drilling of Yavuz in the Karpaz-1 lot, the so-called “E-block” of the occupied territories, within the continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus.

According to the Cypriot newspaper, the response of the spokesman for Vroon Offshore Services was clear that its ships are in the port of Seleuceas but will not follow Yavuz from the moment it will illegally attempt to drill in Cypriot waters.

The Phileleftheros addressed similar questions as to whether they would support the illegal activity of Yavuz on the Cypriot continental shelf and the company that, according to Turkish Navtex, has the third support ship, POSH SINCERO. It is PACC Offshore Services based in Singapore, which until late yesterday had not answered the questions of “Phileleftheros”