Swiss aerial display team accidentally performs fly-by over wrong festival

The Swiss air force’s aerial display team has apologised after accidentally performing a fly-by over the wrong festival.

The Patrouille Suisse were meant to perform a low-altitude pass over a festival celebrating the death of local aviation pioneer Oskar Bider.

Residents of Langenbruck, Switzerland, looked up in vain while expecting to see the squadron swoop by during the event on Saturday.

But the team instead flew over a yodelling festival, which was taking place at nearby Muemliswil.

Switzerland’s Defence Ministry issued an apology, saying the formation had not practised the manoeuvre and got distracted by an unauthorised helicopter in the area.

They said the team leader spotted what he thought was a tent for the Langenbruck celebration that turned out to be for the wrong festival.

One person waiting for the display told 20 Minuten: “This is a bit embarrassing for the A-Team of the Swiss air traffic control.

“I hope that in more hectic emergency situations of the Swiss Air Force it will be possible to fly to the right destinations.”

The ministry said the Patrouille Suisse team’s red and white F-5E Tiger II jets are not equipped with GPS devices.

A spokesman said: “They navigate with map, felt-tip pen and sight.”