Turkish UAV Bayraktar (TB2) completes 100,000 flight hours

Turkey’s first and only indigenous armed drone Bayraktar Tactical Block 2 (TB2) has set a new record in Turkish aviation by completing a flight time of over 100,000 hours.

The UAV has completed 4,000 hours of flight. It also took part in Operation Claw which was launched on May 27 by the Turkish Armed Forces against the PKK in northern Iraq. Bayraktar TB2 previously flew some 5,300 hours during Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin town.

According to the company, Turkey is one of the three countries in the world which employs the drone technology in the most efficient and successful manner.

According to the company, 93 percent of components of the Bayraktar TB2 are domestically produced which proves the achievement the Turkish defense industry has made, as reported by hurriyetdailynews.com..

“The success of Bayraktar TB2 in military operations attracted strong attention from other countries. We have delivered Bayraktar UAVs to two countries in Europe and the Middle East this year. In the period ahead we will focus on exports to the countries in the Far East, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East where demand for unmanned aerial vehicles increase,” he said.

Turkish security forces have been deploying 86 armed Bayraktar TB2 in their military operations both at home and abroad since 2014, according to dailysabah.com.

Bayraktar TB2 is able to employ MAM and MAM-L ammunitions and UMTAS missiles.