Czech Republic Signed the Acquisition Contract for 62 TITUS 6×6 armored vehicles

TITUS is the latest generation of 6×6 armored vehicles, conceived by Nexter to answer the support and
transport vehicles needs of modern armies offering high level of protection, mobility and versatility, as well
as controlled ownership cost.

TITUS mobility chain was developed in cooperation with Czech supplier Tatra Trucks.

A “Homeland Security” kit is available, answering more specifically to the needs of police and security

TITUS and Czech Republic
Czech MoD’s order is about 3 variants of TITUS®: Commanding Post (CP), Transmissions, and Artillery Fire
Coordination Post.

ELDIS (CSG Group), Nexter’s partner for this Czech Republic project, carries the main contract with the MoD
and will organize the licensed local production. This order consecrates a successful European industrial
cooperation, combining in a balanced manner the know-how of all involved partners.

Nexter’s teams are proud to participate in the armed forces’ modernization of a partner of growing importance to France within NATO, and express their gratitude towards the Czech Republic for their trust.