USFK: North Korean ICBM can strike mainland US

The USFK has confirmed the North Korean claims that the Hwaseong-15 ballistic missile inter-continent can hit the US mainland.

The rocket launched for the first time on 29 November 2017 is estimated to have a range of 12,875 km, which means it can hit anywhere in the United States, USFK said in a study. The Japanese defense ministry, for its part, estimated the maximum range of the missile at 10,000 km.

During the test, North Korea had reported that the rocket reached a height of 44,475 meters and then flew 950 km. However, it did not reveal anything about the warhead it carried. The North Korean KCNA agency had reported that Hwaseong-15 carried a very strong warhead and is clearly superior to Hwaseong-14.