Turkey sends fourth research ship to Cyprus

Turkey will continue along the same provocative course, as far as the issue of the Cyprus EEZ is concerned, as is shown by preparations for a mission with a fourth research ship – Oruc Reis – in Cyprus.

A few hours after Turkish Prime Minister Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s statement on the complete isolation of Ankara in the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish media began to give the tone of what it is supposed to follow.

The ATV network headline reported that after the EU sanctions towards Ankara “they felt that Turkey would back down. But they were wrong.”

The Anadolu agency had announced the dispatch of the fourth ship “Oruc Reis”.

Already Turkish media and social media began to release videos from the new research ship of Ankara.

Turkey’s media reported that Ankara gave the “green light” to strengthen the military forces in the region. Specifically, as they reported, the four research vessels will be accompanied by warships, submarines, and unmanned aircraft.

It is noteworthy that Turkey has also tipped in the Turkish Coast Guard in the troubled “chessboard” of the EEZ of Cyprus, which it has been commissioned to do patrolling.