Russia’s upgraded BTR-82 armored vehicle gets protection against shaped-charge munitions

Russia’s BTR-82 armored personnel carrier (APC) upgraded to the BTR-82AT level will get protection from high-explosive shells and munitions, CEO of the Military Industrial Company (the manufacturer of the APCs) Alexander Krasovitsky told TASS on Friday.

“Today we have two quite substantial innovations included to the BTR-82AT: a thermal imaging sight that has just completed its trials and slat armor that slightly increases the APC’s weight,” the chief executive said, replying to a question about the upgraded BTR-82AT.

The upgraded vehicle is now undergoing trials, he said. “We are holding trials. We have improved our current BTR-82A version and fitted it out with a thermal imaging sight and now the vehicle operates very effectively at night. Also, the APC has been equipped with special screens against rocket-propelled grenade launchers,” Krasovitsky explained.

Russia’s Military Industrial Company has been fulfilling the defense procurement plan ahead of schedule for four years now, the company’s head added.

“We hope that this year we will do the same, no matter how difficult this may be for us,” Krasovitsky pointed out.

The BTR-82AT is a modification of the serial-produced BTR-82A APC with a set of additional slat armor, a combined two-channel thermal imaging sight and the Kornet anti-tank missile system in its airborne assault configuration. The upgraded APC was unveiled to the public at the Army-2019 defense show.