Greek Foreign Minister: Greece does not accept and will never accept the consequences of the Turkish invasion

Despite multiple UN Security Council Resolutions, international legality continues to be violated in Cyprus. Even today, Cyprus is still experiencing the consequences of this brutality, with the illegal Turkish military occupation, the mass violations of the human rights of the Cypriot people, the missing, the illegal settlement of the island and the destruction of Hellenic and Orthodox heritage.

Greece does not accept and will never accept the consequences of the Turkish invasion.

The end of the occupation and its consequences, and the finding of a mutually agreed, comprehensive, just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem in the framework of the relevant Resolutions of the UN Security Council and the European acquis are a top priority of Greek foreign policy. The elimination of the anachronistic system of Guarantees and the withdrawal of occupation troops are intrinsic elements of the solution of the Cyprus problem.

The provocations continue today with Turkey’s illegal activities in Cyprus’s territorial waters and EEZ. These actions are flagrant violations of international law and the Law of the Sea, and directly conflict with the European acquis and the European policies in the critical sector of energy; policies aimed at achieving the greatest possible energy self-sufficiency for the EU and multiplying energy sources and routes.

Greece was, is and will always remain at the side the Republic of Cyprus, with the aim of reunification and restoration of the rights and fundamental freedoms of the Cypriot people as a whole, without deviations from international and European principles and values, and with full sovereignty, full independence and territorial integrity.

Greece bows to the memory of our fallen brothers and, with a sense of historical memory, expresses its respect and gratitude to the brave Cypriot and Greek defenders of the liberty of Cyprus.