Hong Kong protesters beaten by mysterious masked men

Over the July 19th-21st weekend protests in Hong Kong continued for the 4th straight week. On July 21st, a mob of masked “pro-Government mobsters,” wearing white shirts were attacking people wearing black – which was the color of the protests, which MSM calls “pro-democracy.”

Incidents in which masked men attacked protesters took place on the platform and inside train carriages at Yuen Long MTR station, in the north of the city — an about an hour from where the day’s protest had taken place.

Forty-five people were hospitalized following the violence in Yuen Long, with one person in critical condition, according to Hong Kong’s Information Services Department.

The incident has raised fears that organized crime gangs, who are known to operate in the outer areas of the city, are becoming involved in the political crisis.

Prior to the incident with the masked thugs attacking protesters, the Hong Kong police was in position, and there appeared to be no clashes.

Protesters, however, managed to outmaneuver police and storm the Liaison office – which represents Beijing.

Police ordered protesters to follow a shorter route than normal, but the designated finish line was widely ignored as crowds headed towards the Liaison Office — the department that represents China’s central government.

Thousands of masked demonstrators then seized the road outside the imposing skyscraper, erected barricades and began targeting the building with eggs, projectiles, laser lights and graffiti.

In response, police fired tear gas in the latest confrontation.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government issued a statement condemning the actions of some “radical protesters” for vandalizing the Liaison office.

The HKSAR government strongly condemns the protesters who blatantly challenged the national sovereignty by maliciously besieging and storming the liaison office’s building as well as defacing the national emblem, the spokesperson said.

“The HKSAR government will deal with these acts in a serious manner in accordance with the law,” the spokesperson said. The HKSAR government has always respected the public’s expression of their aspirations peacefully, the spokesperson added.

“However, a series of incidents occurred recently, including the recurrence of illegal protests after peaceful processions, charging police cordon lines, besieging the Police Headquarters and blocking roads. The police also found illegal storage of dangerous goods and a large number of offensive weapons,” the spokesperson said.

The HKSAR government is concerned that a small number of radicals incited the masses in an organized manner, challenged the rule of law, and even stormed the liaison office of the central government.

“Such acts threaten the law and order in the SAR and ‘one country, two systems’. It is totally unacceptable to the society,” the spokesperson added.

In the weeks hundreds have been injured and arrested. The death count stands at 4, all ruled suicides.