Russian, Indian troops to practice eight tactical episodes in Indra joint drills

The Indra Russian-Indian military drills will practice eight tactical episodes on the ground and generally focus on exercising command and control of all-arms forces in solving joint tasks, the press office of Russia’s Eastern Military District reported on Tuesday.

“At the first conference for planning, which came to an end in the city of Ussuriysk (the Primorye Region), representatives of the command of the Eastern Military District and the Armed Forces of the Republic of India agreed the goals of the upcoming Indra-2019 Russian-Indian joint military exercise,” the press office said.

“The sides agreed that the drills would practice the issues of training military command centers in exercising command and control of all-arms forces for solving joint tasks… About eight tactical episodes have been mapped out for the ground-based grouping of forces,” the press office said.

Thus, tactical-level officers will study the basic techniques and methods of work to provide for the operation of mixed units. The drills are expected to raise the personnel’s field, naval and flight skills and help improve interaction between Russian and Indian troops.

As was reported earlier, the Indra military exercises involving multi-service groupings of forces will take place at naval and land training ranges and at aerodromes on the territory of India. About 300 troops from the Eastern Military District’s motorized infantry units stationed in the Primorye Region will take part in the drills.