Israel pounds positions in southern Syria

The Israeli Air Force attacked Syrian Army positions in Dara’a and Quneitra provinces in Southern Syria, Arabic-language media reports said.

The Syrian Army’s Air Defense System intercepted the missiles fired by the Israeli fighter jets, the SANA news agency reported.

The Israeli air force launched an attack on Tal al-Harra region in Daraa Countryside in the early hours of Wednesday.

Meantime, a Syrian military source said that the Syrian Army’s air defense systems also destroyed two Israeli missiles during Israeli air raids on the Northern part of the city of Khan al-Arnabeh in Northern Quneitra and in Southwestern Damascus near Syria-Lebanon-Occupied Golan.

Meantime, four Syrian soldiers were wounded when an Israeli missile hit Naba al-Sukhr region in Eastern Quneitra.

A military source also pointed to blasts in the Occupied Golan concurrent with activities of the Syrian Army’s air defense system in Northern Quneitra.