Military history: Dr. Innes J. McCartney posts footage of his discovery of U1271 in 2001 (vid)

Dr. Innes J. McCartney, a leading British nautical archaeologist, and historian, currently a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Bournemouth University, just posted a new U-boat survey dive on his YouTube Channel.

This is U1271, as requested by one of the followers of his page.

It is the full dive featuring a good deal of detail of this particular type of submarine, such as life-raft container seen the image.

As he noted: “U-1271 was sunk during Operation Deadlight, the disposal of the surrendered U-boats at the end of WW2. 116 of them were dumped off N Ireland. Several foundered short of the dump sites. We located and dived 14 of these in 2001-3.”