Trolling Trump with fake Presidential Seal

Someone trolled Donald Trump and it is hilarious. The US President took the stage at the Teen Student Action Summit hosted by the conservative group Turning Point USA, only to speak behind a mock presidential seal that spoofed all the stereotypes connected to his administration.

White House spokesman Judd Deere told the Associated Press officials “never saw the seal” before it was projected on a screen behind Trump as he was introduced Tuesday at Turning Point USA’s teen summit. The altered seal appeared on the projector screen for at least 80 seconds behind Trump before it was taken down, the Washington Times reported.

Turning Point USA, a conservative group that has been aligned with Trump, announced Thursday that the aide responsible for the supposedly accidental mix-up has since been fired.

The fake Presidential Seal features:
“45 is a puppet” in Spanish
The hammer and sickle in the flag crest
Golf clubs instead of arrows in one talon
The other talon gripping cash
The Russian double-headed eagle.

The fake seal was designed by former Republican graphic designer Charles Leazott, who designed it at the beginning of the Trump administration disillusioned by the current President.