US, Greece, Cyprus, Israel’s meeting on economic cooperation

A meeting at diplomatic level was held on Thursday at the State Department as a follow-up to the tripartite summit of Greece-Cyprus-Israel.

At the summit on March 20, the US Secretary of State had expressed Washington’s support for the “tripartite mechanism”, while stressing the importance of further expanding this cooperation.

According to the State Department, the government of the United States, the Republic of Cyprus, the Hellenic Republic and the State of Israel met in Washington to discuss the importance of economic engagement in a joint commitment to promoting peace, stability, security and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

In particular, the four parties discussed the use of the available “economic tools” to help address the whole range of economic challenges, with emphasis on the economic dimension of the national security sector.
In this respect, the officials have committed themselves to keeping the communication lines between the United States and the parties open and exploring the possibilities for further expansion of this cooperation.