Hellenic Navy participation in the Black Sea multinational exercise “Breeze 2019”

In the period 12-21 July, the Hellenic Navy participated, with the “GRIGOROPOULOS” FAC(M), a mobile training unit of training of the Naval Deterrence Training Center and an additional officer in the multinational exercise “Breeze 2019”.

The exercise was organized by the Bulgarian Navy and conducted in the Western Black Sea with the aim of improving the level of operational/tactical cooperation and interoperability between the naval units of the Allied countries.

The three-phase Exercise was attended by units and staff from Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, USA, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey as well as NATO Permanent Navy Forces.

The first phase included the gathering of units and staff at the Varna Naval Base in Bulgaria and the implementation of the on-going training. The second phase included the execution of technical and tactical items at sea. Finally, the exercise was completed with the resumption of ships and debriefing (Hot Wash Up) that took place at the Naval Base of Varna.