The strike against Haftar forces airbase utilized Turkish drones against UN imposed embargo

If the strike against Al-Jufra airbase used Turkish UCAVs, then Turkey is violating the international arms embargo on Libya through the sale of Bayraktar TB2 unmanned armed aircraft. The ban on the sale of arms to Libya has been imposed by the UN and has been in force since 2011.

The internationally recognized Libyan government based in Tripoli carried out for the first time air raids with Turkish armed drones against the major base of Marshal Haftar.

As Bloomberg reports the attack struck hangars with drones and a Russian-made Ilyushin 76 military aircraft.

The attack on the Al-Jufra airbase, which is the main base of the forces of Marshal Haftar which have been trying to occupy Tripoli for three months, happened a few days after Haftar announced via televised message that he was launching a new attack to capture Tripoli.

Until now, it has not been known that the Tripoli government (backed by Muslim Brotherhood, supported by Turkey, and still recognized by the UN as the official government of the country) had aircraft capable of performing night-time bumps of precision.

It is unlikely that locals are piloting the Turkish made drones, which would mean Turkey has stationed personnel in Libya to utilize the Bayraktar UCAVs and to train Libyans in the use of weapon systems supplied by Turkey.