Albanian mayor barred from entering the US

The US Secretary of State has recently issued a decision to bar the mayor of Durrës, a coastal city in Albania, from entering the US.

Vangjush Dako, who was elected as mayor of Durrës in the 2007 local elections, will not be able to enter US soil and the same decision will also apply for his family.

According to the decision taken by the US Secretary of State, the mayor of Durrës has been involved in big corruption affairs.

Under US law, when the Secretary of State is in possession of information that suggest that a foreign official has been involved in big corruption scandals or violations of human rights, that person and his family are barred from entering the US.

Dako becomes the third Albanian official who is barred from entering the US territory, after former Attorney General, Adriatik Llalla and member of parliament, Tom Doshi.