Greek fallen from the 1940-41 war with Italy interred with full honors in Kleisoura, Albania

A religious burial ceremony with full military honors was held for the 85 Greek-Italian war dead soldiers found in the context of the 2009 Greece-Albania Bilateral Search Agreement, and Burial of Greek Fallen in War Operations in Albania 1940-1941 was held on Thursday at the Kleisoura Greek Military Cemetery in Albania.

Representatives of the Greek Ministry of Defense, the Embassy of Greece in Tirana, and the Union of Relatives and Friends of Fallen attended the ceremony, officiated by Metropolitan Argyrokastro Mr Dimitriou.

The Greek Foreign Ministry is pleased that almost 70 years after their sacrifice, the souls of the Greek fallen soldiers will finally rest in peace and welcomes the cooperation with the Albanian side on this particularly sensitive and humanitarian issue, stressing the importance it attaches to work on the field and the full implementation of this transnational agreement between Greece and Albania.

The ceremony follows the previous October 2018 ceremony of the burial of 575 fighters pulled out of a mass grave in Dragoti.

George Sourlas, President of the Union of Relatives of the Fallen of the 1940-41 war said: “We are here today to welcome into the pantheon of heroes the heroic fighters who glorified their homeland and caused worldwide admiration. Long, persistent and painstaking efforts have paid off. In 2018, after 78 years, the great national and humanitarian issue has begun to be restored for the 7976 unburied or temporarily buried fallen.

Today, efforts are underway to fully restore the honorable burial of all the fallen.