ISIS trying to recruit women cadres

The Commander of the Iraqi intelligence forces pointed to the death of the most important ISIS commander who was very close to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in recent operations, and said that the terrorist group is trying to make women play a more active role in their future battles.

The Arabic-language al-Sabah newspaper of Iraq quoted Abu Ali al-Basri, head of the Iraqi intelligence forces (known as Intelligence Falcons) as saying that they have killed the most important ISIS commander close to al-Baghdadi which resulted in the collapse of the terrorist group in Western, Northern and Eastern Syria.

Al-Basri also noted that after ISIS was badly defeated in Iraq and Syria, it is now training women in Iraq’s Mosul, Syria, and Tunisia to prepare them for taking part in upcoming terrorist operations.

He said that 10 of the most important commanders of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, including al-Baghdadi’s deputy, Abu Yahya al-Araqi, ISIS War Minister Ali Khalifeh and ISIS’s religious authority Abu Abdulrahman al-Tamimi have been killed.