German Press for Mitsotakis Government: Fast, efficient, productive

The German News Agency (DPA) making a first report on the first four weeks of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s government, commented on a scheme that is “fast, efficient, productive – Greeks rejoice with new government”.

The report says: “In just four weeks since his election, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has set in motion more than some of his conservative predecessors did over the years. Voters are wondering if the country could really move forward,” the report said in its introduction.

It goes on to cite the series of tax cuts that have been decided but also measures to address the garbage problem in Corfu, the increased presence of police in downtown Athens and the promotion of privatization plans.

After finding out the positive and fast pace of the new government, the article states: “One thing Mitsotakis cannot make disappear by magic: the deep mistrust of the Greeks towards the state and politicians. There may be some cautious optimism among the citizens, but many fear the new government will soon break its promises or disappoint with the nepotism that has been rife in Greece for years. But Mitsotakis wants to alay such fears with a new chief executive who will mediate between the prime minister and his ministers. ”
And the article concludes: “Political observers agree that such a ‘strong’ beginning as that of Mitsotakis never existed in modern Greek history. But in the end, what will count is not whether the Athens subway will have more regular transport or whether the Thessaloniki subway will finally be operational after 20 years, but whether the country’s economy will move forward. The Prime Minister knows this too. His pre-election pledge to revitalize the economy before wages rise again along with the recently cut pensions.”