IDF gets C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) Manpack system

Netline Communications Technologies announced Tuesday the supply of C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) Manpack system to the Israeli military.

The system is already being operated by ground forces in NATO countries, as well as in Asia and Africa. The C-Guard RJ Manpack system detects and prevents IED (Improvised Explosive Device) activation attempts.

The system creates a secured zone around the troops, reacting to real-time situational electronic warfare (EW) threats by both detecting the threat and providing an immediate response of jamming RF signals that are attempting to detonate the IED.

An IED Jammer essentially blocks radio signals used to detonate a remote controlled improvised explosive device or RCIED. Also known as an RF Jammer, this high powered IED Jammer saturates the environment with radio frequency pulses of electromagnetic energy.