Turkish Navy phases in Atmaca Block-1 anti-ship missiles (vid)

The new F-514 Kınalıada Ada class corvette designed and constructed by Turkey will be fitted with Atmaca Block-1 anti-ship missiles designed by Roketsan with South Korean technical assistance.

The Atmaca is the Turkish Navy’s new anti-ship missile that aims to replace all US-made RGM-84 missiles in Turkish inventory.

The development of the rocket began with the signing of the contract by Roketsan in 2009 with the testing of the Atmaca Block-1 completed in November 2018 which was followed the same month with the serial production of the rocket.

The Atmaca Block-1 rocket has a length of 4.8 meters and weighs 800 kg (the warhead weighs 200 kg), a Turbojet engine that allows the rocket to reach 1,042 km / h, and can fly only 10 meters above sea level, and has a range 200 km

The rocket is equipped with an inertial navigation system, GPS system, altimeter radar, and during the final phase of the missile flight, its target tracking and lock-on radar is activated.

According to the Turks, the Atmaca Block-1 is highly resistant to electronic interference, and the installation of the missile on the F-514 Kınalıada Corvette marks the beginning of the Turkish Navy’s detachment from foreign anti-ship missile systems, making the country even more autonomous in its equipment.