Iraq’s Counter-Terror Service claims 10 ISIS members killed

Ten Islamic State (ISIS) militants were killed and five others arrested in Anbar province, Iraq’s Counter-Terror Service (ICTS) announced on Tuesday, as operations aiming to quell the threat of the group’s resurgence in the country continue.

“As the First Tactical Unit from the Counter-Terrorism Service, and in coordination with the [US-led] coalition’s airpower, we carried out [operations] in Wadi Hauran desert areas in Rutba, western Anbar,” read a statement from the ICTS on Tuesday.

Wadi Hauran is on the outskirts of the town of Rutba, 420 kilometers from Baghdad.

The overnight operation was launched following the collection of “accurate intelligence,” and used “multiple air strikes” to “track down the remnants of the ISIS terrorist gangs,” the statement added.

Two of the ten militants killed were wearing explosive belts, and several hideouts were destroyed, the statement detailed.

According to a US Department of Defense report to US Congress published in early August, ISIS are “working to rebuild their capabilities” in western deserts of Anbar and other parts of Iraq and Syria.

Iraqi troops recently launched a string of operations across several provinces to quell the ISIS resurgence.