Kim Jong Un violates UN sanctions wearing an expensive Swiss watch

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un was photographed with a stunning 11,000-euro watch, a gross violation of sanctions against his regime.

In particular, the UN has banned the import of luxury goods to North Korea as punishment for violating safety rules by testing nuclear weapons, including luxury watches.

The expensive Portofino Swiss watch worth 11,000 euros

But now, experts in neighboring South Korea have found that a rare Kim Jong Un watch costs around 11,000 euros, while ηισ citizens are facing food shortages, allegedly caused by the worst drought. of the last 35 years.

Kim Jong Un was wearing the expensive watch while attending rocket tests on July 25

Watch expert Kim Chang Kyu told a Korean newspaper that the North Korean leader appeared to be wearing an IWC Portofino Automatic as he watched a July 25 test of a new type of nuclear weapon. And while the rocket test took place last month, the identity of the watch as a valuable commodity was revealed this week.

Note that Kim Jong Un is known to have a particular love for Swiss products, having attended schools in Gumligen and Koniz, Switzerland.