Religious scholar: “Muslim countries should stand against Turkey’s threats”

Religious scholar and Dirbesiye Al Haj Sultan Mosque’s imam Heysem Xelil said they will never bow down to the Turkish state invasion and that they will defend their lands.

Xelil pointed out that the people of the region live a safe and peaceful life and that they have no hostility against anyone. Xelil said the Turkish state abuses Islam to their own gain and added: “What holy book says you can pillage your neighbor’s home or kill them, or invade their lands?”

Xelil stressed that the Turkish state’s threats of invasion don’t frighten them but, on the contrary, increases their will to resist: “We will never surrender. It is our most legitimate right to defend these lands freed by the blood of our martyrs. They are the tyrants, and we are the oppressed.

Xelil called on Muslim countries to stand against Turkey’s tyranny as they plan for invasion attacks.