Pakistan lodges protest with India over gunfire in Kashmir

Pakistan has lodged a protest with India over violation of ceasefire along the Line of Control, the GeoTV channel reported on Friday.

According to the channel, Head of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry’s South Asian Department Mohammad Faisal summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner Gaurav Ahluwalia in India’s embassy in Islamabad to resolutely and strongly condemn the gunfire in Kashmir.

On Thursday, the Pakistani army reported that at least five Indian and three Pakistani soldiers were killed in a gunfire in the disputed region of Kashmir on the Line of Control, which splits the territory between the two countries. The Indian Armed Forces refuted the reports on its servicemen‚Äôs deaths, branding the claims as “fictitious.”

The territory of the ancient princely state of Kashmir has been a subject to dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947, when British India gained independence and split into two states based on religion. Currently, the region does not have a state border, its territory is divided by the Line of Control. The Indian part of the territory sees many groups actively supporting cessation from India.

On August 5, the Indian government revealed its decision to abolish the state of Jammu and Kashmir and create two union territories (administrative units enjoying fewer powers than a state) instead. To this end, the Indian parliament voted to cancel Article 370 of the Constitution that granted Jammu and Kashmir its special status.

Jammu and Kashmir used to enjoy special autonomy in India. Before taking effect in its territory all laws passed by the central government (except for those concerning defense, external relations and some others) were to be approved by the local assembly. People from other states of India were prohibited from purchasing land plots there. Jammu and Kashmir had its own flag and a number of other privileges.