Kurds preparing defences as Washington haggles with Turkey

The Kurdish militias in Eastern Syria have fortified their military positions behind borders with Turkey and the US Army has started setting up a military helicopter base in Hasaka province as Ankara has increased its pressures for creating a safe zone in Northeastern Syria.

The Xeber24 news website affiliated to Kurds reported that the US assisted by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has kicked off setting up a helicopter base in Tal al-Arqam South of the city of Ra’as al-Ain in Northern Hasaka and near the borders with Turkey.

It noted that the US military experts are supervising the construction of a heliport in Hasaka.

Meantime, a massive military convoy comprising 14 military vehicles and 50 elite SDF militias have been dispatched to Northern part of the city of Solouk and over 100 of them have been sent to the town of Foylan East of Tal Abyazin Raqqa province near the border with Turkey.

These developments come as Turkish Defense Secretary Khlousi Akar announced on Friday that the joint operations room as agreed by Washington and Ankara will resume work next week to discuss establishing a safe zone in Northern Syria.

In a relevant development on Thursday, informed sources reported that the Kurdish militants are holding talks with Damascus on delivering control of certain parts of Eastern Euphrates region to the Syrian army after the US agreement with Ankara to set up a safe zone in Syria.

The Arabic-language Bas News affiliated to the Kurds quoted the Kurdish sources as saying on Wednesday that a delegation of the Kurdish forces headed by Chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmad has recently met with senior officials in Damascus and Russia’s military base in Humeimim on the fate of Eastern Euphrates region.

He added that during the talks, Damascus has urged the Syrian Democratic Council to return the heavy weapons they had taken from the Syrian army, withdraw the SDF militants from the centers of Qamishli and Hasaka cities, and deliver their control to the Syrian government.

The source also referred to the Damascus’ demand from the Kurdish forces to pave the ground for the Syrian army’s deployment in Hasaka province, and said an agreement will soon be made between the two sides to give control of Raqqa and al-Tabaqah to the Syrian government.

He added that at present, the problem is the US opposition, noting that Washington intends to receive some advantages from Russia first.

Kurdish sources in Syria said on Wednesday that the US had initiated a rigid move in collaboration with Turkey to undermine the Kurdish militants and force them to leave parts of Northern Syria.

The sources were quoted by the Arabic-language website of Sputnik as saying that the Kurds had sent three separate delegations to Damascus, Moscow and Cairo to find a way out of the quagmire created by Washington for them.

They added that the US has worked out a scheme to aggravate enmities between Turkey and the Kurds and launched a coup against them, moving in line with Turkey in common plans in Eastern Euphrates region.

The sources said that the US used the Syrian tribes that are supported by certain Persian Gulf Arab states as a replacement for the Kurds as they could better advance Washington’s goals without threatening Turkey’s interests.

They also revealed that the US is attempting to revive the ISIL in Eastern Euphrates to be used against the Syrian army.