Official: Greece sending sub to deter Turkish research on Greek continental shelf

The mere possibility or information that Turkey’s Oruc Reis exploration vessels over the next 24 hours will sail from the Marmara Sea, immediately put the reflexes of the Hellenic Armed Forces not only on alert but highlighted the intent that nothing is going to happen on the Greek continental shelf without the consent of Athens.

According to a top Greek source, sending a submarine to the wider region gives the signal of Greek intentions and sends the message that any time Turkey wants to cause trouble it will face substantial problems that will not allow it to carry out its grandiose plans as announced by government officials in Ankara.

This move, as the same source notes, is a precautionary action on the one hand and a warning message not of mere force but of substantial deterrence, while Ankara is illegally blocking areas for exercises within the Cypriot EEZ and the Greek continental shelf.

The hunter-killer type 214 submarine, in any case, is a very serious deterrent and the Turkish military knows that it will be confronting the most state-of-the-art submarine as shown by its impressive results in all allied exercises.

But apart from the “Papanikolis” class submarine, once the Turkish research vessel begins its voyage and passes through the straits of the Dardanelles it is expected to face a hard pressing by Greek ships. The Hellenic Armed Forces have worked out various scenarios if needed. However, this information about an impending trip for the second Turkish seismographic ship may prove to be yet more “fake news” like other information Turkey has disseminated in the past.