Second tranche of Russian arms reaches Central African Republic

Authorities in the Central African Republic (CAR) renewed troop deployments to the country’s provinces on Tuesday after getting a second arms shipment from Russia.

Two planes brought a second batch of Russian arms to the country of some 4.7 million last week, including basic weapons and ammunition, Russian Ambassador to the CAR Vladimir Titorenko told journalists.

More deliveries for the soldiers of the eighth battalion of the country’s armed forces are expected in the coming days, Titorenko said.

He said Russian instructors at a base in Berengo have trained the soldiers of the battalion, and that to date Russia has trained at least 2,700 soldiers of the Central African Army.

Last year, Russian Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesman Artyom Kozhin announced that with the approval of the UN Security Council, Russia decided to provide the CAR with free military and technical assistance, including deliveries of small arms and ammunition and training of CAR service personnel.